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HF Radio - As cyber threats continue to grow, so does the reality that digital satellite communications can be degraded and denied either through digital or electromagnetic means. If these capabilities are compromised, however, high frequency radio provides a means to continue communicating even beyond the line of sight by leveraging the ionosphere to refract radio signals back to earth.

11 Meters - The 11 meter band is used by both CB radio, as well as freeband unlicensed hobbyists. 11 meters is often defined as 25-28 MHz / 25000-28000 kHz or 26-28 MHz / 26000-28000 kHz.

27.385.00 Mhz - SSB DX calling channel, LSB mode - North American SSB channel.

LSB - The signal components above the carrier frequency constitute the upper sideband (USB), and those below the carrier frequency constitute the lower sideband (LSB). All forms of modulation produce sidebands. A refinement of amplitude modulation, it uses transmitter power and bandwidth more efficiently.

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